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Oggrids Oubliette (EZD6)

The characters are trapped in a cavernous oubliette created by a bored entity that wants to keep them in its collection.

Oggrids Oubliette (EZD6)

The outer being, known as Obrex’oggrid, is bored with immortality. It has created a vertical extra-dimensional cavern to conduct games. All the game pieces are set, and the minions await a new group of players. Surely some new fools will stumble into one of the traps, transporting them into this vertical oubliette... Soon, the game begins.

A wonderful horror puzzle adventure written by DM Scotty for the best-selling EZD6 RPG rule system, also written by him, which will have your players entertained for an entire session.

The characters are trapped in a cavernous oubliette replete with guants, moss monsters and tendril creatures - maybe a skeleton and possibly a hag. They will need to find their way out and face the fiendish machinations of DM Scot... Obrex’oggrid in order to survive, escape and keep their loot!


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