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Pocket Fantasy RPG

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Take your RPG anywhere with this pocket-sized Fantasy Role-playing Game by Brandon Goeringer. A rules-light game using only one D6. Easy task resolution and combat system allow for many fun-filled adventures for the whole family... or horde!

Pocket Fantasy RPG

Pocket Fantasy is designed for ultra-fast fast hack-n-slash gameplay where the heroes may begin by encountering goblins and progress to fighting a dragon for its hoard of treasure, all in the same role-playing session.

Pocket Fantasy RPG includes:

  • A rules-light approach to role-playing.
  • Uses only one d6, which is already known to most people from playing board games.
  • No complex character generation with randomness. Pick your class and your race and you are ready to play.
  • No attribute numbers to keep up with.
  • An easy task system that lets the Pocket Master and players communicate how they would best succeed at a task.
  • Heroic reroll mechanic makes every roll exciting.
  • Easy to grasp Combat Skill system that uses simple subtraction.
  • Defence combat rolls lets' players have active participation when being attacked. Keeps players engaged even when it is not their turn to act.
  • Old school system of rulings over rules.
  • Free Form Magic lets imaginations run wild while still being restrained by the Pocket Master.
  • Unique class abilities that serve a role in the party.
  • Easy magical weapons and armour system.
  • Quick adventure, dungeon and loot generation systems.
  • No expansive equipment lists.
  • Tokens can easily be used to represent hit points, spells and heroic rerolls.
  • Large list of monsters to fill any adventure.
  • Monster abilities can be used on different monsters to fit unique encounters and monster types.
  • Optional levelling up system for those that want more Pocket Fantasy RPG.

A great way to just pick up and play!

This product is a zip file download including 3 separate PDFs which requires you to print out 4 double-sided pages (either 8.5 x 11 or A4 - both supplied) and fold, staple and cut to assemble your pocket sized booklet. Printing and assembly instructions are included in the zip file download.

Reviews of Pocket Fantasy RPG

5 Stars - Juan Mejia - [2021-10-29]
This was a great gem DMG and DM Scotty unearthed. The game is very simple, agile and flexible. I am using it to run a Camp Half-Blood campaign for my kids and they are loving it. I will be using it on Halloween to run PDM's Frankenstein with my group of teenagers. A solid purchase and a fun projects for the Crafterati or even for novices. Everyone loves having their own copy, especially kids.

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