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Background Points: Building Characters in the Game

The Background Points system is designed as “training wheels” for a more in-game character background development style of play.

Background Points: Building Characters in the Game

This easy to use system is designed to work in ANY tabletop role-playing game.

Players still create and choose the backgrounds for their characters, but the job of introducing those backgrounds and tying them into the game now falls on them. The gamemaster is freed up to concentrate on the events that happen in the game.

This allows the game master to create a scaffold to train the players to incorporate elements of the world into their character background. It also helps to introduce backstory elements into the game without the game master having to find ways to "tie-in" a players carefully developed history.

Thus reducing prep time for the dungeon master and allowing players to get more of a feel for the world and that they had a part in shaping it. Improving player agency and volition as their choices will matter and they begin to care about aspects of the game world they may not have paid much attention to before.


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