Dungeon Cards - Random Dungeon Generation

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Dungeon Cards is a dungeon building deck of 52 cards. It is completely self-contained and usable all on its own to help you build the bare bones of any dungeon in your game. Then you add the flavor or use some of the additional decks that will become available.

There are more possible dungeons than there are stars in the universe using this deck. So you will NEVER run out of dungeons!

The flexible system allows for doorways, secret passages and twists and turns. Every dungeon will keep you guessing as to what is coming next - right to the last card.

It can be used pre-game with ANY fantasy-based RPG system, or even while you play so you as the game master won't even know what is coming next!

The PDF consists of:

  • 2 Pages of instructions and rules on how to use the deck
  • 13 Pages of illustrated cards (4 per page - front and back)

The download is 13mb in size.