NPC - Healer (Visionary)

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This Non-Player Character (NPC) has been designed to fit into any system and any fantasy game world.

When the players get knocked around a bit in the dungeon and they drag themselves back to town, they need the services of a healer.

This NPC is a "visionary" archetype, so she wants to bring her dreams into reality. Create according to her own set of rules and .

This PDF provides:

  • Full page, full colour character portrait
  • character description
  • important equipment list
  • morality spectrum
  • 6 character traits
  • combat strategies
  • sample dialogue for different social situations
  • space to add stats for your game, as well as motivation, immediate need, background and follower information and special plot dialogue

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The 569Kb PDF consists of 3 pages. 1 Full page colour portrait of the NPC and 2 pages of character information with space for the addition of game-specific information you can create yourself.

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