North Road 05: Dark City

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The party arrive at the city of Foozderberge, under the control of an oppressive regime. Roaming gangs control the boroughs of the city. Harsh laws and edicts sentence people to death for minor transgressions. The party will need to make their way through the city in order to proceed along the North Road.

Old and new players to the fantasy genre will delight in the exploration of this city, while you, the game master will relish the opportunity to fine tune the various aspects of the adventure to your own style of play. New monsters, a new society and a wealth of flavour to keep your players invested right up to the end.

This system neutral module can be played in almost any tabletop role-playing game, either as a one shot, or as part of the North Road campaign. Decisions regarding difficulty, stats, monster power and rewards are placed in the hands of the game master. The story-by-event structure is simple to follow and there is plenty of flavour to help you enrich the gaming experience.

Quest Givers is the collaborative effort of DM Scotty (Scotty McFarland from theDMsCraft) and TheDMG (Gareth Q Barrett from theDMGinfo)

The 3.7Mb PDF is 24 pages (including the cover). It contains black and white and full colour images, but is reasonably printer friendly.

Warning: This work contains graphic and/or extremely violent scenes. The content is not intended for children and should be considered adult in nature. It may contain horror, torture, violence, murder, death, conflict, psychologically disturbing and other adult themes. Discretion is advised