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Mountain Mayhem

Wrongfully imprisoned as spies. Sent on a deadly mission to destroy a secret weapon. Will they get a pardon?

Mountain Mayhem

Mountain Mayhem is a system-neutral module where the characters have to get a pardon for crimes they didn't commit by finding a secret enemy weapon in a fortress city, stealing the plans and getting out alive!

There are plenty of twists and turns as they try to find out who invented the weapon, where the plans are, who they can trust and where the weapon is and how they can destroy it?

This module presents you with lots of memorable characters and interactions with Quest Givers' unique NPC dialogue, event-driven narrative structure and dice-rolling good times!

A collaboration with Tabletop WitchCRAFT (YouTube) designed around the epic terrain showcased on the channel. The module story and characters were concocted by John & Nathaniel Lombardi and Gareth Q Barrett and Scotty McFarland of Quest Givers.

You also receive FREE Tabletop WitchCRAFT plans: War Room Tables, Awning & Post Layout

This product is a downloadable ZIP file containing 2 PDFs.


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