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The Legend of Claud Samta

In the frozen mountain wastes of the North, Claud Samta is having trouble with the local ice elementals that are seeking vengeance for the slaughter of the Tree People!

The Legend of Claud Samta

Claud and his band of renegade halflings must put down their nog and save the day... to deliver important items to the village Noord Pol below... all in one hallowed eve! Will he and his trusted reindeer Randalf get there in time?

Your players must help him deliver the items and save Chris Masse, the local village boy.

A one-shot system neutral fantasy adventure for parties of any level that is brimming with holiday puns that will give you a great session of gaming.

Unique monsters not found in any monster manual. Non-Player character dialogue to give life to the characters and engage the players in the events. Stat it your way and enjoy the festive season with friends and carnage!

This PDF download is 2.0Mb consisting of 13 pages including the cover. It will use a lot of printer ink if printed. The content is adult in nature and not suitable for children.


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