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Green Mine

Green Mine

A town struggling to survive a downturn in their luck. A horde of orcs and goblins worried about a dragon. A ghost with a message. Zombies panning for gold. An evil cult. Feuding ogres and trolls. Flying Bears! This system-neutral adventure has it all for your fantasy gaming world. Oh and giant spiders!

Based upon the successful Lost Adventures Kickstarter by Danny Herrero & Dillon Olney (3d Printed Tabletop), the Green Mine uses all the elements created for the campaign.

A fun night of tabletop role-playing as the start of a campaign. A nice little additional adventure for an ongoing campaign or simply as a one-shot. This adventure will fit seamlessly into most fantasy gaming worlds.

The PDF is 18 pages including the cover and is 3.3Mb in size.


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