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The North Road (Book)

2 Reviews (5 Stars)

The North Road (Book)

The North Road is a complete fantasy adventure story across 16 modules, 12 interconnected system-neutral modules and 4 add on quick quests. A whole campaign in a living breathing world with history, secrets, unique monsters and memorable NPCs.

A great campaign to run with your choice of fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Adventures that entertain your RPG group, hook them with an interesting story, great characters, fearsome monsters and memorable encounters. The campaign fits with your style of gaming, your group’s current levels and the rule system you are playing.

Story Focused

The North Road is heavily story focused and divorces itself from the mechanics of a specific system. Run it how you want, where you want and in whatever system you want.

  • can be run with very little prep
  • engage your players beyond a single quest
  • build a campaign they will want to keep returning to play
  • easily add your own elements and make it your own game

System Neutral

The North Road doesn’t provide any stats, only flavor and abilities are suggested for monsters and NPCs. This frees you up to use stats for whatever level your characters are or system you are using.

  • keep all aspects of your homebrew world
  • keep your house rules that have taken so long for everyone to agree upon
  • don’t spend hours having to bend a module to fit what you have already achieved
  • characters don't have to start from level 1 again

Easy to Run

You can actually run the campaign straight out of the book.

  • the campaign is easy to follow and use
  • step by step event-driven story structure
  • great for beginner and veteran game masters
  • simple flow from scene to scene.

When you read the North Road as a game master, you begin to experience the modules as the players will. You get to see all aspects of the larger story unfold and learn as you read.

Everything you need for the story is right there in front of you

  • no index flipping
  • focuses on keeping the game flowing

Unique Approach with Great NPC Dialogue

The North Road provides lots of NPC dialogue options, even the words to speak and the translations of foreign languages, you can use to add more flavor to your game.

  • NPCs and locations come alive
  • encounters with them are memorable
  • detailed responses to player character questions and plenty of rumors and utterances by the local populous to build a background to events.
  • players always engage more with the NPCs and want to find out more as they explore the world.


The North Road does provide unique monsters, but our approach is to reuse monsters in different ways to build continuity and variation in threat.

  • introduce monsters that are not in any monster book
  • enjoy creating your own stats, just right for your players
  • we give the flavor and style of the monster; you get to do the juicy bits
  • monsters are there as a part of the story and are not the point of the story

A Living World

You will find enough detail and depth to the setting to get the players to truly invest in your game and return for the next session. The culture of the game world, while different from most, will not be completely alien to most home brew worlds, or settings of major game systems. You will be able to easily insert this realm as another area of your world as if it had always been there. Interesting political structures, strange cultural differences and a different approach to a society that will give the players the sense that they truly are in a foreign land.

  • characters and monsters are loosely described, so you are able to flesh them out with your own details
  • change the level of severity as you see fit, but maintain the flavor of the character and their role in the story
  • the story unfolds as you read it through the first time, so you get an idea of what the players will experience when they play
  • the narrative is event-driven, so you can easily allow the players to find their own path and then use the next event to propel the story forward


Each of the 16 modules is designed to be a different gaming experience for the players. Helping to motivate them to continue playing through to the end. The shifts in pace and style mean that each module can actually be run independently of the others.

If you are new to being a game master, our YouTube video series will help you through the motions of putting together a great, fun and exciting game. If you are a veteran you will learn some of our philosophies of role-playing and what to expect from our approach to module design.

Modules and Quick Quests

Death and Taxes - A seaside village in the grips of over taxation and a devastating narcotic problem welcomes the party. The tax collector is on her way and the local tavern-keep is plotting to make some changes.

The Arcane Vault (Quick Quest) - Deep beneath a temple crypt something 'magical' is happening. Missing towns people, a ghost and a cranky meat blob.

The Loyalists - The party are on the run with a 'charming' companion. They are being pursued towards a nearby town. Little do they know, they are about to become embroiled in a local political mess. Which faction is telling the truth, which one is lying?

Blood Moon Temple (Quick Quest) - In the caves below town, a librarian is up to no good. Dark rituals, strange creatures, and dead dogs.

Messenger In The Woods - Escaping into the woods around the town, the party begin to wander the vast forest in search of a campsite. Pursued by dark and evil forces, they have until the end of the day or else something horrible is going to happen. The characters need to use their skills, wits and cunning to stay ahead, alive and true to their convictions as they run out of time and get deeper into the strange domain of the trees.

Belly of the Beast (Quick Quest) - Falling through a hole in the underbrush, the party land in a weird underground lake. Something lurks. Is it friend or foe?

Knights of Old - The party search for an honour guard as they begin to piece together what is happening in the realm. They will discover many challenges when they enter a carnival behind a strange magical barrier. One amongst them is not what they seem.

Death Becomes You (Quick Quest) - There is always one more challenge, but is this one the deadliest of them all?

Dark City - The party arrive at a city under the control of an oppressive regime. Roaming gangs control the boroughs of the city. Harsh laws and edicts sentence people to death for minor transgressions. The party will need to make their way through the city in order to proceed along the North Road.

Mountain Clan - The party escape the city, leaving the North Road in search of relics. Their only lead a map torn from an old book. The way ahead is filled with danger. Numerous deadly encounters, saboteurs and several vicious traps. Meet the Mountain Clan, encounter creatures mentioned in old libraries and the Death Guard!

Thief - The party enter a small mountain-top hamlet where they find that a religious leader has been murdered. They have to contend with incompetent law enforcement, bickering townspeople, infighting, infidelity, and a dog that seems to know a lot more than he can say. A who-dunnit module designed specifically for a role-playing and character interaction. Perfect for a session of sleuthing without having to kill anything (unless you want to!).

Temple in The Mountains - Pursuing a nefarious character over the mountain passes the party arrive at a huge fortress overrun by dark forces, the Temple in the Mountains. They will have to infiltrate, investigate and exterminate without the Princess discovering them.

Inner Sanctum - A dark ritual. A lost cave. Blind Dreks. Finding their way to safety with their captive alive will be a challenge bards will sing about.

On The Run - A race against time, pursued by evil, the party must try to stay ahead of a horde of angry acolytes. The road is difficult and the cart is rickety.

Grip of Evil - Demonic powers plague the party in the final leg of their journey. Emotional fortitude and a strength of will may help them overcome severe adversity, or it may not.

White Castle - Seeking an audience with the monarch of the realm may not be as easy as they thought. Decisions will need to be made. Alliances tested. Truths told. In the end, there may be only one.

Warning: This work contains graphic and/or violent scenes. The content is not intended for children and should be considered adult in nature. It may contain horror, torture, violence, murder, death, conflict, psychologically disturbing, sexually suggestive and other adult themes. Discretion is advised.

Reviews of The North Road (Book)

5 Stars - Unknown - [2021-06-01]

5 Stars - Darran White - [2021-04-02]
Great characters and story. It provides NPC dialogue for most likely interactions. Requires Game Master to prepare stats for monsters and NPCs and plan out how the elements provided will play out.

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